IFC Electro Stimulation

Interferential current stimulation (IFC) is a type of rehab modalities that implies the usage of high frequency carrier wave (4000hz ) in treatment of musculoskeletal ailments.
IFC works similar like tens unit but modulates on a frequency carrier wave which produces deeper penetration into the tissue causing more comfortable reception by the patient.


nterferential current stimulation (IFC)
Electrical stimulation has been used in pain management for over 100 years.
Recent studies have proven that electric stimulation like IFC is able to reduce acute and chronic pain in an affordable way.
Electric stimulation phenomenon is based on premises that the current is directly blocking transition of pain signals along the nerves.
IFC stimulates local circulation and the release of endorphins which are natural pain killers.
During the treatment that ussualy takes 15 to 20 minutes adhesive or carbon pads are used directly on patients’ skin to facilitate the stimulation.

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