Learn About Shockwave Therapy

shock wave therapy

Question?  What is Shockwave Therapy and how does it work? A clinical shockwave therapy is nothing more than a controlled explosion that creates acoustic energy, much like an airplane breaking the sound barrier or when lightning strikes. The greatest effect of a shock wave therapy is a regeneration of diseased tissue and ability to control pain.   The main benefits for shockwave therapy is based on inflammatory healing response. Every time shock wave is used during treatment, it causes microtrauma to the treated tissue. So, diseased muscle, tendon or ligament are caused to undergo inflammatory state which allows the body to recruit healing cells that come to the area inside … [Read more...]

How do I know I have a problem with my feet?

How do I know I have a problem with my feet? Most often localized pain is an indicator to consider a visit to a Cert. Pedorthist ©  foot specialist. There are also other symptoms that deserve your consideration. They can include: - Pain that refers to the foot - Bunions, hammer toes - Arch/heel pain - Leg/knee pain - Hip or back pain or even neck pain - Inflammatory conditions You can help yourself simply by discussing any nagging foot, leg, or back problem Do not wait call and ask you question today. Get involved, feet are important make it priority. Call us today, we can help Wishing you well, Paul Lorenc, R.M.T, D.O.M.P, Cert, Pedorthist © 905 891-6061 … [Read more...]

Who Needs A Custom Made Orthotic ?

Custom Made Orthotics Simplified. Did you know that custom made foot orthotics can help you and your feet in many ways to feel better? They aim to improve and assist with conditions that resulted from biomechanical issues, trauma, aging, diabetes or degenerative changes like arthritis. Custom made orthotics optimize biomechanical function and maximize the shock-absorption by redistribution of the plantar pressure from areas that are under increased load. Custom-made orthotics are medical devices which, when worn with proper shoes, are able to affect biomechanics during gait and pressure distribution by gently realigning bones of the foot and decreasing its hypermobility. Orthotics … [Read more...]