New Osteopathy Patients


What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

On your 1st visit to our diplomated manual osteopathic practitioner in Mississauga, we do a thorough case history review to get to know you and get familiar with your body condition. We will perform a postural exam and gait analysis. You will be asked to perform a series of orthopaedic/osteopathic tests so your osteopathic manual practitioner can see if there are any current limitations in mobility or positional issues. We may also perform blood pressure and neurologic tests on your first visit. We want to collect enough information to analyze your current condition to customize your treatments.

Your osteopathic manual practitioner will also check your back, neck, head and extremities for any joint restrictions or muscular tightness.

Osteopathic manual practitioners can use a wide variety of specialized techniques to treat you. These include:

  • cranial osteopathy
  • soft tissue massage
  • muscle energy technique
  • low amplitude manipulations
  • myofascial unwinding
  • osteoarticular adjustment.

On a personal basis we can also advise patients about their postural, ergonomic challenges and to prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises where needed.

Follow up visits will depend on the nature and severity of your problem.

Please note it is not always necessary to remove your clothing for an exam or treatment. But if you choose to you may bring comfortable, loose clothing.  Just let us know if you would like us to provide you a gown.

Generally, in our clinic, we use bottom and top sheet during the treatment, for your comfort.

We Work With Your Doctor

Manual Osteopathic Practitioners are trained to recognize serious problems that may present as musculoskeletal pain. A thorough case history and physical examination allow us to recognize warning signs of problems that may mimic back pain or other musculoskeletal pain.  If your condition proves to be more serious you will be referred out to see your medical doctor.

To book a consultation  with our manual osteopathic practitioner in Mississauaga please call us direct at  905-891-6061