Orthopedic Shoes

We offer many different styles and brands of orthopedic shoes and sandals. We specialized in orthopedic shoes made by Drew and Aetrex. It is because of its leather quality, half sizes and multiple widths as well as its mechanical controlling features and custom made foot orthotics can easy be accommodated in them.
Orthopedic shoes that we sell are usually covered and are recognized by most Insurance providers as proper orthopedic footwear that meets their criteria. Medical doctors’ prescription is necessary to be reimbursed by your insurance benefits.
It goes without saying that possibly the most important factor to consider when obtaining custom orthotics is that the orthotics functionality and help depend on the shoes in which they are worn.
According to many Pedorthists, a well-designed shoe, even without an orthotic can have the ability to alter and redistribute pedal pressure more evenly, so in fact relieving the areas of increased pressure.
Patients who are looking to have healthy feet should be educated as to the proper choice of footwear.
List of most important qualities to look for in an orthopedic shoe:

  • Firm, deep heel counter that closely contours the heel and is secure
  • Padded heel counter
  • Strong shank able to resist compression ; which allows the shoe to flex only in the ball area of the metatarsals
  • Toe box area should provide enough space so as not to compress sensitive areas of the forefoot i.e. bunions
  • Proper shoe lace/velcro design to accommodate forefoot deformities/size or choice
  • Straight, semi-straight or curved last (bottom of the shoe) dependent on arch height
  • Rocker sole/last for arthritic or painful midfoot areas

When being fitted for a shoe, the patient’s larger foot should be measured and size of shoe decided upon it.
Also buying shoes should be done in the afternoon or evening, when the foot is the largest.
It is recommended that patients should wear running shoes or walking shoes as much as possible because that footwear is well made, offers half sizes multiple widths and can accommodate a wide variety of foot types.

Please note that Custom made Orthotics, customized /Orthopedic Sandals and Shoes are often covered by extended health insurance benefits/Plans and by Worker’s Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) in cases related to work injury and overuse.

Custom made Orthotic of Choice.
Customized Shoes of Choice includes custom made orthotic.
Customized Sandals of Choice includes custom made orthotic.
All prices are all-inclusive. There are no additional taxes or hidden charges.
You will receive:
1. Custom foot analysis by Canadian Certified Pedorthist.
2. Custom gait analysis by Canadian Certified Pedorthist.
3. Custom made pair of Orthotics, customized shoes or sandals.
4. Fitting/dispensing visit of your custom orthotics, customized shoes or sandals.
Choosing us you choose follow-up care that is dedicated to minimize your foot pain, maximize shock absorption by your foot, knee, and hip and lower back and allowing you to improve your life through healthy feet.

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