Shock Wave Therapy- Radial and Focused


shock wave therapy


Radial Shockwave Therapy definition

Radial shockwaves are gentle none-invasive high energy acoustic waves like once which occur in the atmosphere after an explosion or when airplanes break the sound barrier.
It is an effective treatment method used today in modern orthopedic medicine for multitude of musculoskeletal ailments.

Acoustic pulses generated during radial shockwave therapy consist of highly positive pressure amplitudes characterized by a single positively charged pressure pulse that is followed by a smaller negatively charged pressure wave.
The shockwaves are acoustic waves that are able to be transmitted into patient body (tendons, muscle, bone and fascia) and produce oscillations in the tissue that leads to increased circulation and metabolism which equals tissue regeneration.

History of shockwave therapy

Radial shockwave therapy has been an established orthopaedic treatment used by sports doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors and foot specialist’s i.e. cert. pedorthists.
It was introduced first in 1999 as alternative to focused shockwave therapy
Radial shockwave therapy became the forefront of conservative care in the treatment of the three classic indications: calcified tendonitis of any region, epicondylitis and heel spur.
Since its establishment a numerous research has been conducted on the effects of radial shockwave therapy. As a result, there is more research on the effects of RSWT than on the effects of any other conservative treatment method.

About the Unit

Radial shock wave therapy unit available for treatment to our patients has been manufactured in Switzerland by Storz Medical Co.
Storz is a well known medical company that delivers the most advanced and reliable technology into the medical Industry.
Masterpuls MP100 the elite edition is the most advanced and reliable radial shock wave therapy unit.


shock wave therapy


Benefits of Shockwave therapy

Radial shock wave therapy is a tissue regenerator due to its healing physiological mechanisms that it triggers. The physical effects mentioned below are related to positive biological reactions. All these effects listed below have been scientifically proven and investigated.

The list includes:
– Non-surgical treatment
– No side effects
– Release of neurovascular substances as a result of locally increased blood flow
– Increased cell permeability
– Stimulation of microcirculation (blood, Lymph)
– Release of substance P (neurotransmitter that regulate pain level)
– Release of nitric oxide which produces vasodilatation, and increased anti-inflammatory effect
– Stimulation of stem cells
– Release of growth factors (blood vessels, epithelium, bones, collagen etc.)
– Anti-bacterial effect
– Final benefit in the application of shockwave is accelerated tissue repair and growth which leads to tissue regeneration.


Clinical Indications for treatment

Radial shock wave therapy can be used to treat the following muscular-skeletal conditions and more:
• Plantar fasciitis
• Achilles tendonitis or any form of tendonitis
• Trigger point therapy ( tender points, muscle knots )
• Stress fractures
• Bursitis ( inflammatory conditions)
• Osteoarthritis
• Non- healing ulcers or sore pressure spots
• Calcific rotator cuff or any other tendon calcifications
• Reduction of hard/old spastic areas
• Scar /adhesion tissue treatment

According to highly accredited medical journals Shock wave therapy can be trusted for its therapeutic effectiveness.
Let’s list a few of them which also give success rate in percentage.
91% improvement for calcific tendinitis
-Journal of American Medical Association, 2003
90% success rate for Plantar fasciitis
-Foot & Ankle International, 2012
77% Improvement for Tennis elbow
– The Journal of Orthopaedics, 2005
76% success rate for Achlles tendinopathy
– The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007
– 8 times more effective for treatment of hamstring tendinopathis than physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatment
– The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2010

Contraindications to shockwave therapy
• Tumor tissue
• Pregnancy
• Pacemaker
• Heart arrhythmias


Live without pain!

Radial shockwave therapy is an excellent method in pain management and tissue regeneration.  In most cases there is immediate reduction in pain and improvement in chronic inflammatory conditions seen as well in increased mobility and strength.
– The treatment is non-invasive and there are no side effects.
– Each treatment session takes approximately 10-15 minutes.
Myofascial pain syndrome (trigger points, spasms) or calcified tendonitis requires 6 to 8 treatments at intervals of 1 week between each treatment session to achieve successful recovery.

Our commitment!
Here at Osteopathy, Massage and orthotic clinic, we are very happy that at this time in our practice we are able to offer you both units the radial and the focused one. It is my opinion that those units especially the focused are the most effective method to treat acute or chronic pain.
I am certain that this kind of treatment if administered in a correct way brings long lasting benefits and tissue recovery.


Is radial or focused shockwave therapy covered by my insurance plan?
You will be invoiced under Massage therapy and the treatment will be performed by a massage therapist. If you have benefits it should be covered but we recommend you check with your insurance provider. If you are not covered you can pay for shockwave therapy privately.

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